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License 18203

The 'Speculatores', known as Spies of the Roman Army, were masters of Information Warfare, guarding the interests of history’s greatest empire, significantly contributing to their ability to build, protect and control what was theirs. When conducting intelligence operations, several factors explain the sustained success of the empire’s protectors: Discretion, Discipline, Training, Equipment, well organized Logistical Support, Agility and most importantly - Loyalty. Today in that same tradition, agents of Empire Intelligence can help protect your own empire’s personal or business interests, whether they are large or small.

We focus on providing security for the most elevated high risk situations, and uncovering the most sensitive and well hidden intelligence that is deemed inaccessible by others. We do so by using specialized tactics and leveraging highly confidential and strategically placed sources to achieve our security and intelligence objectives. This ability compared to other groups, provides our clients a significant edge when seeking to protect their interests.

Empire Intelligence serves families, large and small businesses, and also many of the top law firms in CA and nationwide, providing their clients with security and intelligence services all over the country and even internationally. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, high profile executives, prominent and even royal families, political figures, celebrities, etc.

So when your empire is under attack, let Empire Intelligence also help you project strength and achieve victory.

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