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In recent years, security threats to corporate executives and their business operations have been significantly on the rise. Empire’s security division offers professional, confidential and state of the art solutions to shield you and your business interests from the unexpected. By utilizing Empire’s security planning / threat assessment capabilities, supported by our intelligence resources based both nationally and abroad, your risks will be greatly minimized or altogether eliminated.

Below is a list of security and personal protection services Empire Intelligence, Inc. offers to both businesses and executives. Should you not find the service you require, please contact our office for further inquiry.

  • Discreet Personal protection / escort (executives, dignitaries, celebrities)
  • Plainclothes or Uniformed guard
  • Transportation Risk Anaylsis / threat assessment surveys
  • Hi tech security systems
  • Surveillance systems
  • Armed and unarmed security
  • Debugging and electronic countermeasures
  • Event security
  • Workplace Unrest / Strikes
Empire Intel: American business executives and their families are becoming an increasingly attractive target for kidnappers and extortionists. Although the chances of being a victim of a kidnapping or extortion attempt are generally low, executives employed by high-profile, successful companies do possess what is called the "common elements of money, power and high public visibility" which increase their chances of being victimized.

– Federal Bureau of Investigation

Empire's Tip: Designate and design a safe room in your office and residence in the event an intrusion occurs. The executive, his / her employees and or family must be trained on a proper emergency response and how and when to occupy the room. Background checks should be completed on all employees, vendors, and contractors who may come in contact with the protected executive and his/her family.