About Us / Background & History

Our  Agency Methodology

The 'Speculatores', known as Spies of the Roman Army, were masters of Information Warfare, guarding the interests of history’s greatest empire, significantly contributing to their ability to build, protect and control what was theirs. When conducting intelligence operations, several factors explain the sustained success of the empire’s protectors: Discretion, Discipline, Training, Equipment, well organized Logistical Support, Agility and most importantly - Loyalty. Today in that same tradition, agents of Empire Intelligence can help protect your own empire’s personal or business interests, whether they are large or small.

Who We Serve

Empire Intelligence, serves some of the nation’s top law firms, and protects the interests of both private and high profile families, small businesses and Fortune 500 Companies, all over the country and internationally. Empire Intelligence is called on to address the most sensitive and complex matters, because we primarily focus on revealing the most delicate and well hidden intelligence that is deemed inaccessible by other firms.

Our Edge

Empire Intelligence agents specialize in the most challenging assignments, as they relate to both personal and Business matters - whether it be uncovering questionable financials and fraudulent activity or simply confirming trust issues. We use proven tactics and leverage very confidential - strategically placed sources to produce the most valuable intel! This ability compared to other groups, provides our clients an edge when seeking to protect their interests. Empire Intelligence is licensed, and our record with the California Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security and Investigative Services is in perfect standing!

Notable Assignments

Empire Intelligence, has been responsible for organizing and executing successful undercover operations, including infiltrating targeted groups and businesses with ties to corrupt governments and organized crime. Our agents have conducted trademark and patent investigations, including coordinating anti-counterfeiting investigations jointly with local and federal law enforcement, representing fortune 500 companies resulting in mass arrests and successful prosecutions.

Agents of Empire Intelligence have been retained by some of the world's largest and most respected companies, to protect and recover valuable assets. In addition, our agents have performed financial fraud investigations, internal / external retail theft investigations, high level asset searches and background checks for some of the most recognized brands and banking institutions in the U.S.

Empire Intelligence Agents, operate across state lines and internationally, and have been appointed to the personal and executive protection staffs of some of the world’s most prominent business people, celebrities, and royal families. The agency was even selected to lead a national counter intelligence effort on behalf of a participating team in the America’s Cup event, an international yachting competition, which awards the world’s oldest sports trophy. The American team which Empire Intelligence served, was victorious, and the agency was credited with much of their success!

Our Expertise

Empire Intelligence, leverages its own vast network of intelligence agents and security professionals who all possess various areas of expertise, skills and backgrounds, including those who speak diverse languages.

Because Empire Intelligence serves the private sector, its team is led by professionals who also have real world business experience. This unique approach to intelligence operations and security enables our firm to better understand a client's perspective when addressing challenging business matters and planning strategically to solve them.

Our staff also includes former law enforcement detectives, loss prevention / asset protection specialists and former combat military trained professionals. Our outside investigative support resources run very deep, as we have strong ties to both local law enforcement and federal agencies.

The agents of Empire Intelligence, Inc. will represent you with the professionalism, respect, and strict confidentiality you expect and deserve.