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Empire's investigators are equipped to assist attorneys with the difficult cases, enabling firms greater case load efficiency . From family law to Labor law , we will help gather, qualify and prepare evidence for discovery and litigation purposes. Whether it's serving a subpoena on an evasive witness , or placing a defendant under surveillance , our agents can help your firm reveal the facts and discover the truth, so you can present the most credible and persuasive argument on behalf of your client, providing a clear strategic advantage over opposing counsel

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Empire Intel: Most of the major successful personal injury firms and criminal defense attorneys have private investigators they regularly work with, or have investigators employed in-house. These investigators have a keen sense of how much investigation is needed and what will be fruitful. In addition, they are familiar with how law enforcement departments keep and store their information. They are trained on techniques designed to elicit the truth, utilizing knowledge of interpreting body language and word choice when talking with a witness.

– California Law Journal