Family Legal Services

Our experienced and knowledgeable agents will bring to each family law related investigation, a deep and personal commitment, in an effort to assist your firm with obtaining the most beneficial result for your client, ultimately providing them with the closure they depend on you for. Whether in trial or negotiating a settlement, our aggressive and efficient investigators bring a depth of creativity and understanding your client will appreciate.

Below is a list of Legal / Domestic services Empire Intelligence, Inc. currently offers its clients. Should you not find the service you require, please contact our office for further inquiry.

  • Divorce
  • Infidelity
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support Enforcement
  • Post Judgment Enforcement
  • Domestic Violence
  • Personal Protection / Security
  • Surveillance
  • Security Systems
  • Civil and Criminal Legal Support
Empire Intel: The more contact children have with warring parents, the more emotionally troubled they are, and the more behavioral problems they experience. These children live in a constant state of anxiety and tension, constantly moving between the enemy camps.

–Harvard University

Empire's Tip: The newest trend is to give custody to the parent that will provide more time or access to the other parent. Thus, courts are looking for the non-angry parent--the parent that wants the child to love and want to spend time with the other parent. They are looking at the parent that is willing to work with the other parent. The trend is moving away from who is the primary caregiver, and towards the parent who is focused more on making things work, keeping both involved, and helping the child to feel the love of both parents.