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Corporate Intelligence

If your business’s proprietary information has dollar value, it may be a target. Business information theft is prevalent and invisible, and is getting easier and more lucrative considering today’s technology, and extremely competitive corporate climate. Threats include compromised trade and patent secrets, hacked company networks, employees using company assets to start competing businesses, or colluding with competitors and foreign governments.

When an employee or outside perpetrator is suspected of theft, industrial espionage, or simply engaging in acts against your company’s best interests, Empire Intelligence, Inc. can respond quickly with a plan to eliminate potential losses.

Below is a list of Business / Corporate Intelligence services Empire Intelligence, Inc. currently offers its clients. Should you not find the service you require, please contact our office for further inquiry:

  • Worker’S Comp Defense
  • Surveillance
  • Subrosa
  • Patent enforcement
  • Trademark enforcement
  • Undercover ops
  • Sting ops
  • Covert electronic surveillance
  • Polygraph exams
  • Drug testing
  • Computer data recovery and exam
Empire Intel: 69.6% of business professionals have stolen some form of corporate IP from their employer when leaving a job. 32.6% of employees leaving a job took sales proposals and/or presentations with them. 30.4% admitted to taking information such as customer databases and contact information. The most commonly used method for stealing IP is to send electronic copies of documents and files to a personal email account.

– U.S. Department of Justice

Empire's Tip: Failure to encrypt email communication can also provide opportunity for would-be IP thieves. Messages to trusted partners, customers or any other recipients outside the network can be intercepted and read by anyone with rudimentary knowledge of email systems. Encrypting these conversations ensures that nobody but the sender and recipient have the ability to read the messages contained within the email.