Security Systems & Products

Allow our security specialists and technicians to advise and address any of your security systems and monitoring concerns and needs. Guard your children from unfamiliar caregivers, or keep a protective eye on your valuable assets at home and or office, by incorporating high tech covert video monitoring products and equipment. Defeat bugging and tapping efforts using proven physical search methods, in conjunction with state of the art detection devices. Advanced security alarm systems will secure your family at home, or employees at the office from potential intruders, simultaneously providing a link to emergency assistance in the event of a crisis. No matter how large or small, our specialists will offer a solution to meet your security needs.

Below is a list of products and technology Empire Intelligence, Inc. currently offers its clients. Should you not find the product or system you require, please contact our office for further inquiry:

  • Camera Systems
  • Color Cameras
  • Pan, tilt, & zoom cameras
  • Infrared illuminators / cameras
  • Vandal proof cameras
  • Digital video recorders
  • VHS recorders
  • DVR's for PC’s
  • Remote monitoring
  • Monitors
  • Wireless video
  • Alarm systems
  • Covert systems
  • Pinhole cameras
  • Disguised cameras
Empire Intel: Everything changed after 9/11, not the least of which is how security is integrated into the design of structures. If there is a bright side to the catastrophe, though, it’s that awareness of security has been sharpened to a fine point, and that technologies to help keep structures secure have proliferated in the last several years. Exterior surveillance is a key component of building security.

– Architecture Magazine

Empire's Tip: One technology rapidly being adopted is combination day / night cameras, that shift their vision capabilities as ambient light changes. One effect of this trend is that a building could consciously use fewer cameras for the same amount of 24 hour coverage.